Plastic Injection Molding Production General Information

Plastik Enjeksiyon Üretim Süreci

Plastic injection molding is a method to make many things we use every day, like covers, tools in the kitchen, and parts of electronic items. This method takes liquid plastic, pours it into an injection mold (a shape), and lets it become solid to make a plastic part. We need special tools, called “plastic injection molds”, and machines, named “plastic injection machines”, to do this. What’s amazing is that 25-40% of all plastic things around the world are made this way.

Three Key Essentials for Plastic Injection Mold Production:

  • Plastic Injection Mold
  • Plastic Injection Machine
  • Raw Material for Injection

Plastic Injection Mold

plastic injection mold
plastic injection mold

Think of the plastic injection mold like a special container. When we pour in the liquid plastic, it fills the injection mold. Once the plastic cools down and becomes solid, we get our desired plastic part. The design of this injection mold is vital, as it determines how the final item will appear.

Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Plastic Injection Machine
Plastic Injection Machine

Plastic Injection machine has a special job: to melt the raw plastic until it’s like a liquid, and then inject it fast into the mold. Thanks to injection molding machine, we can produce lots of plastic items in a short period.

Plastic Injection Raw Material

We often use a certain kind of plastic for this process. This plastic can be heated and cooled several times. It can stand heat levels from 180-400 degrees. Common types we might use include names like PP, HDPE, ABS, PC, PS, POM, and PA.

Steps in Plastic Injection Mold Production

Step 1: Preparing the Plastic

Some plastics need drying because they might have a bit of water in them. Once dried, we might mix in colors or other things to enhance the plastic’s properties. Then, this mixture is placed into a part of the machine called a hopper, ready for the next steps.

Step 2: Securing the Mold

The injection mold has two parts, and we need to ensure they fit together perfectly during closing. We use moving part of the injection molding machine that pushes them together with a lot of force. This force is often measured in ‘tons’.

Step 3: Melting the Plastic

injection molding process preparing the plastic material
injection molding process preparing the plastic material

The plastic bits are moved to a heater in the machine. Here, they become melted and ready to be shaped. A part inside, named the screw, mixes and pushes the melted plastic, preparing it for the mold.

Step 4: The Injection Phase

injection molding process injection stage
injection molding process injection stage

The molten plastic is rapidly introduced into the plastic injection mold. Pressure ensures the mold’s entire shape is filled. After this, the cooling phase begins.

Step 5: Cooling Phase

injection molding process packing and cooling stages
injection molding process packing and cooling stages

Cooling is a critical stage in plastic injection mold production. Around 80% of the production time can be attributed to this phase. A well-engineered plastic injection mold can minimize this waiting period.

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