Plastic Injection Molding Production

plastik enjeksiyonculuk

34 Years of Mastery in Injection Molding Production

We do plastic injection molding in a 1350 m2 facility in Istanbul/Türkiye. Our rich history in injection molding ensures consistent quality across products at cost-effective prices.

Experience Our Injection Molding Services: Free Mold Trials*

Considering contract manufacturing with us? Bring your plastic injection mold and witness free trial runs on our plastic injection machines. Contact us for a contract manufacturing offer in injection molding.

Injection Molding: Consistent Quality, Zero Defects, Timely Deliveries

Every injection molding shot at our facility aims for perfection. Through continuous production monitoring and quality tests, we eliminate common injection molding defects like:

  • Burring
  • Air Bubbles
  • Color Inconsistencies

Fast Problem-solving in Our Injection Molding Workshop

Our workshop isn’t just about crafting plastic injection molds. It’s about ensuring confident injection molding contract manufacturing. Should any issues arise with your molds, our hands-on approach guarantees quick resolutions. This proactive approach enables us to shorter deadlines and consistency in every injection molding cycle.

Plastic Injection molding production
Plastic Injection molding production

German Precision Meets Injection Molding

Seren Plastic Mold’s production leans heavily on German technology. Every injection molding task is executed using German machines, known for their precision and reliability in the world of injection molding.

Our Arsenal: The Plastic Injection Molding Machine Park

Plastic Injection MachineClamping Force
Arburg Allrounder 250/630 s250 Ton
DEMAG Ergotech 150/600150 Ton
DEMAG Ergotech 80/430 80 Ton
DEMAG Ergotech 50/27050 Ton
Krauss Maffei 150-1000 C2150 Ton
ENGEL victory 200/80 Tech  80 Ton

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